thumb-historyOur heritage ties us to various names in the past including Gerrard Company Ltd., Ovalstrapping, and Gerrard-Ovalstrapping.

We are now unified under one widely recognized name, OVAL International and still retain all of the values and determination of the past.

OVAL Throughout the Years


Gerrard Company Limited is incorporated in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to supply steel wire strapping and equipment by its founder Alec Gerrard. The company began supplying steel wire strapping and equipment to the pulp and paper industry.


Ovalstrapping Limited incorporated in Canada.


Ovalstrapping Incorporated established in the United States, operating as a division of Enterprises International Incorporated (EII) located in Hoquiam, Washington.


Gerrard-Ovalstrapping is formed when Gerrard Company Limited and Ovalstrapping Limited amalgamate. The company diversifies its packaging product line by acquiring industrial products and plastic strapping companies.


Ovalstrapping a division of Enterprises International Inc., EII Ltd, strategically sells its divisions of Graphic Arts and the Industrial plastic strapping divisions of Gerrard-Ovalstrapping to Samuel Strapping Systems. The divesture better aligns OVAL Internationals core business to be focused on Packaging Equipment, Supplies and Service to the Forest Products Industry.


OVAL International® is formed when the companies unify as one widely recognized name. It retains the values, determination, and innovation of the past.

Introduction of the E9800 All Electric Paper Strapping Machines to the Pulp and Paper Industry.


Ronnie Berry, is announced as the new Managing Director of OVAL International responsible for world wide operations.

Introduction of the E8700 All Electric Wire Tying and Untyer Machines to the Forest Products Industries.


Introduction of the T5100 Digital Tensile Tester for use in the Forest Products and Medical Research Industries.