PC-2400 Wire Cutter

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OVALMATIC PC-2400 WIRE CUTTER. A pneumatic powered cutting tool rugged enough for de-wiring operations.

Ergonomic: Lightweight with powerful cutting action

Pneumatic Power: Operates on shop air and provides powerful cutting action in a compact lightweight tool

Versatile: Optional jaws available to cut flat steel

Overall Length – 9.38”/234.38mm
Weight – 2lb. 14oz
Maximum Diameter – 2.5”/62.5mm
Length of Cut – 1.063”/26.mm
Maximum Opening – .5”/12.5mm
Maximum Wire Diameter – .188”/6.4mm
Air Requirements – Operating pressure 60-100 P.S.I.
Volume 0.20 cu. Ft. @ 30 strokes/min
Closing Force @ 80 P.S.I.
Start – 300 lbs
Mid Stroke – 1650 lbs. Full Stroke – 2400 lbs.

OVAL International® specifications are subject to change without notice.

Wire Cutter Product Brochure