web_res-0382OVAL International® has experienced professional Field Service Technicians available to provide 24 hour, 7 day/week worldwide emergency service dispatched from locations throughout Canada, United States and other international locations.

Our qualified Field Service Technicians are highly skilled in the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical fields. These skills along with our mechanical and electrical engineering support enable OVAL International’s Field Service Technicians to quickly resolve any equipment issues.

OVAL International’s Packaging System has been developed to satisfy our customers’ service and/or maintenance needs and includes the following.

Scheduled preventative maintenance service visits

Complete mechanical inspection and adjustment of Tying Machines, Unityers®. Compacting Stations and Conveying equipment replacing worn and/or damaged parts

Complete hydraulic and pneumatic inspection replacing worn or damaged components and adjustment of flows, pressures, etc

Electrical control inspection and optimization

Install applicable electrical revisions

Equipment and part audits

Review spare parts usage and spares inventory

Recommend available parts substitutions or upgrades

Recommendations for available equipment upgrade packages

Equipment rebuild and/or upgrade installation

On site technical support for major equipment re-build and/or upgrade package installation and testing.

Operator and maintenance personnel training

Complete on site training for maintenance and operations personnel. The hands on and classroom training includes preventative maintenance, adjustments, sequence of operation and troubleshooting.