Quality steel wire and re-pulpable paper strapping, OEM replacement parts and our superior field service group insures the reliability of our customer’s pulp bale packaging equipment.



Rigid Specifications backed by Continuous Monitoring- Each Coil is Tested Prior to Shipment – Extensive After Use Testing Performed

Paper Strap

Repulpable paper strapping for bale securement eliminates need for removal and disposal of metal bale wires. Designed for use in Ovalmatic® high speed E9800 Paper Strapping Machine. Repulpability verified by laboratory testing. FDA accepted for food grade packaging

Oval Spare Parts

Inventories of essential parts maintained in stock for immediate emergency shipment.

Modernization Kits

9700 TM twister_head_cams_3

Designed and provided to fulfill our committment to improve the productivity and reliability of OVALMATIC® equipment.