web_res-0220All Genuine OVAL Spare Parts are identified with an individual stock number stamped or laser etched into the part or assembly.   Only a Genuine OVAL part can be at the correct tolerance and of the correct material to run in an OVALMATIC operating machine.     These parts will fully maintain the SYSTEMS SERVICE PACKAGE warrantee, and guarantee the best run ability and machine uptime.

OEM Commercial parts

OVAL International goes through a rigorous process of selecting commercially supplied parts.   Most are specially engineered and rated for performance within an OVALMATIC machine.    From Large Hydraulic Cylinders to cable connectors, these commercial parts are built and maintained to meet OVAL Internationals ridged specifications for the best suppliers in the industry.

Quality Control Inspections:

Genuine Spare Parts go through an onsite quality inspection to verify tolerances against Solid Works Engineered Drawings.    These inspections not only cover machined tolerances, but finish and hardness of the materials used.   CNC automated machining and economies of scale insure good reproducibility of quality parts for OVALMATIC equipment.